The ultimate Summer-proof shoe

Venice is a sandal-like shoe suitable to be used without socks and comfortable enough to walk miles and miles in a day. A smart creation with a singular cool look suitable to be combined with different clothing styles.

Functionality above all. Anytime. Anywhere.

Developed to ensure highest level of comfort when walking, once you try them on you will never get them off.

01. Leave your socks at home

When design, technology and R&D go hand-in-hand, the extraordinary happens. The Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia has actively participated in the development of Venice project achieving a breathable, comfy product conceived to fit any feet in the world.

02. Wash-n-walk!

Put on. Walk on. Wash on.

Wear them over and over again. Venice is machine washable in cold to leave them as good as new anytime you wish.

One shoe, many styles

Two days are never the same. Create different looks for different situations.

An inspiring universe

Venice brings a unique, fresh world with it. Get yourself into it.

Here are the Venice models!